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“Entering the Promise” in Brunswick Set for October 26

BRUNSWICK---All are invited to gather in Brunswick on Saturday, October 26, to learn how to better understand, experience, and trust God’s individual passion for you.

A free workshop entitled “Entering the Promise” will be held from 8:30 a.m. to noon and will start with Mass at St. John the Baptist Church on 39 Pleasant Street. The workshop will follow at St. John’s Community Center, located across the parking lot from the church.,The morning will be broken up into two sessions: “God Has a Plan for You” and “The Key to Entering the Plan---Receiving God’s Love.” The workshop aims to connect the deep truths of the mysteries of faith to everyday life.

“Entering the Promise” will be facilitated by Don Smith, who was an evangelical protestant minister for 25 years before returning to the Catholic Church. He is a gifted teacher and speaker who has led parish retreats, taught classes and workshops, and been a speaker at various conferences for many years. In addition, Smith was an evangelization trainer for the Archdiocese of Boston.

The event is sponsored by the Sacred Heart Eucharistic Adoration Ministry, which is housed in the new chapel at the community center. The chapel is open nearly 100 hours each week. During adoration, a consecrated host, the real presence of Jesus Christ, is left exposed on the altar in a holder called a monstrance. Although it is not necessary to have the host exposed for adoration to take place, those who participate say it adds to the feeling of closeness to Christ. The ministry always welcomes new adorers. Adoration and benediction will conclude the workshop on October 26.

To RSVP, please call All Saints Parish at (207) 725-2624.