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The Priesthood
A Diocesan Priest...

is called to serve the people of God. He fulfills the mission of the Church through liturgical and sacramental celebrations, teaching and preaching the Gospel, and upholding the faith of the Church.

The Diocese of Portland comprises the entire state of Maine. Diocesan priests serve 55 parishes, as well as hospitals, schools and social agencies.

Bishop Robert P. Deeley oversees the Diocese. There are 60 active diocesan priests, as well as hundreds of religious men and women to meet the spiritual needs of the people with regard to worship, education and community life.

A priest takes on the roles of shepherd, administrator, counselor, teacher and collaborator. The most vital role of the priesthood is spiritual and sacramental leadership. In his ministry, a priest promotes the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of the people.

Qualities Needed To Be A Priest In Our Diocese...

Someone who desires to grow in his relationship with God through prayer and service, who is caring and compassionate, warm and inviting, has a concern for people of every age, language, and walk of life, especially the poor and needy.

Someone who has leadership qualities and potential, who is self-assured while being respectful of other ministries and gifts in the Church.

Someone who is committed to the Church and its teaching, sees himself as a servant of the Church, and is willing to be assigned anywhere in the state of Maine.

Someone who is between the ages of 18 and 45, has a four year bachelor’s degree or is in the process of completing one, and is open to formation, growth and self-discovery.

No one can be all for all people but if you have some of these qualities, gifts and requirements, God may be asking you to serve Him and His people as a priest.

The Acceptance Process for the Diocesan Priesthood

Anyone wondering whether God is calling him to the priesthood should contact his parish priest or the Vocations Director for the Diocese of Portland. The Vocation Director will offer to meet with him to discuss his feelings and thoughts on the possibility of his priestly vocation. The Vocation Director will answer questions about the seminary and priesthood so that a young man may begin to make an informed decision about seminary entrance.\

There will be opportunities to pray, gather more information and reflect on his discoveries. He may also be invited to the different discernment events and social functions happening throughout the diocese. Hopefully this time will assist someone who feels God may be calling him to the priesthood. It is strongly recommended one get a spiritual director to assist him on the journey.

After a period of time, the individual may be asked to begin the formal application process. This includes meeting with the Director of Seminarians and the Vocation Board, doing psychological testing, visiting the seminary, and meeting the Bishop. The actual process of application is tailored to meet the needs of the individual.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

Father Greg Dube
Diocesan Vocations Office
510 Ocean Avenue
Portland, ME 04103

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