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Bishop Deeley's Statements and Letters

Letter on People's Veto on Passage of Physician-Assisted Suicide
July 18, 2019

Letter on People's Veto for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion
July 18, 2019

Statement on Independence Day
July 4, 2019

Statement on Assisting Asylum Seekers in Portland
June 13, 2019

Statement on Physician-Assisted Suicide Passing into Law in Maine
June 12, 2019

Statement on Pope Francis’ Motu Proprio
May 9, 2019

Message for National Teacher Day
May 7, 2019

Message for Earth Day
April 22, 2019

Message for Easter
April 21, 2019

Statement on the Fire at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris
April 15, 2019

Letter on LD 820 (Proposes Taxpayer-Funded Abortion)
April 10, 2019

Message for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 21, 2019

Message for the New Year
January 1, 2019

Message for Christmas
December 24, 2018

Statement on the Passing of President George H.W. Bush
December 1, 2018

Statement on Recent News of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Clergy
August 16, 2018

Statement "A Child is Never a Negotiating Tool"
June 19, 2018

World Marriage Day Message
February 11, 2018

Thanksgiving Message
November 23, 2017

Veterans Day Message
November 11, 2017

Statement on the Positive Identification of Fr. Clement Thibodeau
October 3, 2017

Statement on the Tragedy in Las Vegas
October 2, 2017

Statement on the Decision to End DACA
September 6, 2017

Statement on Fr. Clement Thibodeau
August 8, 2017

Statement of Support for the Islamic Society of Portland
June 27, 2017

Reflection on the Threat of Physician-Assisted Suicide
April 4, 2017

Statement on Solidarity with Refugees
January 29, 2017

Statement on Question 1
October 21, 2016

Statement on Pope Francis' Apostolic Exhortation 'Amoris Laetitia'
April 8, 2016

Statement on the Passing of Mother Mary Angelica
March 28, 2016

Statement on El Faro Tragedy
October 8, 2015

Statement on Planned Parenthood
September 10, 2015

Statement on Procedural Changes in the Annulment Process
September 8, 2015

Statement on Pope Francis' Letter
September 1, 2015

Essay on the Clean Power Plan (Bangor Daily News)
August 20, 2015

Statement on Supreme Court Decision on Marriage
June 26, 2015

Statement on Pope Francis’ Encyclical Laudato Si’
June 18, 2015

Statement on National Appreciation Day for Catholic School Teachers
January 30, 2015

Statement on the Tragic Fire in Portland
November 2, 2014

Statement on the Return of Kaci Hickox to Maine
October 29, 2014

Opening Statement at Introductory News Conference
December 18, 2013, Chancery Office, Portland
(The day that Pope Francis appointed him as the 12th Bishop of the Diocese of Portland)