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An Easter Message from Bishop Deeley

Easter is a beautiful feast that recalls for us the truth that is the heart of our faith: Jesus Christ is risen from the dead and we, sharing in that resurrection, have been saved and given the gift of hope.

I think we all realize we are living in a unique time with a historically challenging crisis in this pandemic. We wonder where this will go and how it will come to an end. Our anxieties are real, but the human spirit is strong, and with the help of God, we will move through this crisis.

Signs of the hope that brightens our days are around us. Adaptation and ingenuity, inventiveness and creativity, these are the things I have seen in the dedication of our priests, deacons, teachers, and professionals over this time of crisis. Families decorating their doors with colorful crosses, children hanging a pine branch instead of a palm branch this year, and Catholics throughout our state shopping for and checking in on their elders in a time of fear. And thousands of people praying together virtually. Our connection remains strong. We have been there for each other when we cannot be with each other. These are the bright lights in our diocese during a dark moment in time.

On Easter Sunday evening, when Jesus appears to His disciples, His first gift to them is His greeting, “Peace.” The peace He gives us is the assurance that God is with us. And the care that so many people have shown to each other in this crisis truly shows us that Christ’s peace is alive in those who follow Him in our diocese.

May you and your loved ones have a blessed, joyful, and safe Easter season!